Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fun Stuff.

So it's been a few days and I haven't blogged back in a while. So here we go. I finally finished mq with the help of Pwnthief, Jigglypuff, Saki, and Gloomy. Through all of my sds they helped me out. And some of these sds were impossible to solo. Who would have thought that the necro dragon had instant death curse? I didn't. Talk about making it impossible without a priest. Finally was able to reskill and learned the ropes about using my Champion. Definitely a lot better to grind with than my Spiritualist. It was actually 3x times as fast because of the overly short cool down and the ability to quickly go to the next mob and just rinse/repeat.

Upon completing the Redstone and doing Heaven SD with Pwn, I went out after to collect the Redstone Pieces by myself. I was still in a party with Pwn's Prinny Cerise and I just let it be. Didn't bother me that we were in a party together. So that night I spent 4 hours grinding thinking this was going to take forever to get the Rsps since I didn't get a single one while I had the Redstone Extractor on my person. Much later in the day I found out that Pwn's Prinny ended up with all 41 Rsps by just afking while I grinded. I did not get a single one and started thinking that this might be like collecting elements. xD

Turns out that if you are in a party with someone who is also collecting Rsps and has lead, they will get the Rsps. Even if they are afking and in another map.

So today I decided to grind again solo and I finally got Rsps. We had a few laughs and fun talks in the chat about this. It's a comedy on itself. Glad Pwn will have an easier time collecting 9 more pieces. :p

There is a whole bunch of screen shots and honestly I got lazy about sorting them out. So I'm just gonna load them up and put tidbits.

Still happy about my Ring of Hope I found while opening Chrono boxes during ph. :3
 Saki killed this boss in 1 hit.

 Pwn found Dragon Claw and it ended it up in my inventory. Traded it back to him.

A Unique

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