Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Been a While >;3

Well it's been a while. So it's time to update here and there. Was thinking about how I made the right decision going to Ichigo Ichie. It feels really comfortable with guild mates that I was with in AOG and the new guildies that I am with now. Chatting every now and then. There wasn't anything to note about my grinding sessions until recently. I dropped a Troll Fleece Nx.

Actually on 2nd thought after looking at the 3 screen shots I took there were plenty of things to talk about. I got Alchemy all the way to 5 even though I will never use it as a Champ but possibly for my Spirit if they ever decide to release a new batch of Knowledge skills for Spirit and finally give us our tattoo. Hopefully the Tat will benefit my Champ as well or have a separate tat that will give Decisive Blow %. That would be neat.

I decided not to go after Hollow Circles after all, BC told me on who and what they worked on and decided not to get any. Thought it worked on players. I was thinking like Guilty Gear where I destroy my opponents. Baiken. <3

And of course Order Sol. I learned Dragon Install by heart which is Punch > Kick > Slash > High Slash > Dragon > Kick > Slash > QC Forward  High Slash. Not to mention you have time it or you fail and leave yourself vulnerable.

But yeah enough of that. =P

On a new quest to get Rb rings. Honestly thought Rebirth rings and Chrono rings were two different set of rings when they are the same. Thanks to Prii for clarifying that bit of info. =p

Hope you all have fun. I'll post more if anything comes to mind. Gotta eat. :3

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  1. Instant kill does work on players. I've seen it more then a few times. But ya, there are better rings since its not real reliable. Palis had hollows forever, not ton's n tons of skulls.

    gz on troll :)