Monday, July 15, 2013

Last man standing.

Been trying to grind out some levels. Was able to finally wear my Breath of Goddess that I got from my lux box. Grinding out some levels and trying to get to 400. Going to re-skill at 400 as that is when I'll be able to wear my Champ's EwV. Reskilling before that would just make it hard on my Champ while it's still pretty easy for my Spirit to level in Swept B7. Killing those Crawlers that like to bunch up with Possession Puma + Slalom to crit them all and then I run to the other spot and repeat the process.

On a good note I got an Amethyst Unique. Was hoping for Authority on Earth but I suppose that was aiming too high. Since these creeps drop Crowns and tiaras I was thinking that these would drop it.

On a rumor note AoG has gotten quiet. Gloomy decided to go to Twilight after all and a random peep who I did Porin with heard about our situation. Rumors go around quick in this small community. Sadly, its true.Was really trying to keep it hush hush. Anyway I'm still staying in the guild until everyone is informed that they could go to another guild in the mean time while Klien is still on break. Although people tend to get comfy in places they really like so I don't know if they would come back even after the promises. Was able to talk to Dark and let him know that 420Sniper wanted to stay and still help AoG in the form of Vice. Dark, Drulk, Shottie, and a few others departed to Twilight as well and I hope they are having fun over there. Pwn wants to manage his own guild so he left as well. But, he is still keeping some of his toons to do B3 and I agreed to stay with him and do the sds while I'm still there. There are still a few peeps who haven't logged that I want to inform on what went on and give them options. Nobody likes to sit in an empty chat room with no one to talk to. Unfortunately for me I'm holding that burden and sitting there in my lonesome so nobody else has to. Enjoy your adventures peeps.

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