Saturday, July 13, 2013

Color Schemes

All right. Still playing around with the color scheme but everything is getting close to order. Over time I will keep improving the blog. As for right now I wanted to share two Eternal Weapons that I have in my possession. The first Eternal Spirit V which I spent a lot of grinding and penny pinching in order to get my hands on it. It was being sold in a stall for 100m and as soon as I got the gold I bought it. I keep looking at it in the bank hoping to use it once I get to 400. With that moment of hopeful glee.

The 2nd Eternal Weapon which I thought I would never see any time soon is Eternal Fate V which was given to me by Prii/Nyanya no strings attached. She just gave it to me from the bottom of her heart. She was so kind in giving me such and amazing Ew that I gifted her my 1/3 alac shoes. No regrets. Although in that same minute I think she broke them trying to get better shoes. :3

So for weapons I'm all set. Just need to get other necessities on my way up to 400 and planning to reskill into Champ. I will still spend some skill points on my Spiritualist tree since I like both classes. ^^

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