Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crash and... It's Back Up! Hurry SD! Crash... Let me finish this sen... Crash...

Well It's been a while. During the PH weekend that just ended I was able to get to 401 and wear my Champ and Spirit Ew5 weapons. They look so amazing along with the other equips and rings that I was able to gather. Was able to find a Ring of Hope in one of the Chrono Boxes. Was so happy about that. 15+ to all stats is just too good. So I was able to fill in the level gaps and slowly work up to wearing the equips that I received from Lux Boxes and drops. Now I need to work up to my Drake Plume which I hope will be with the coming PH weekends that was promised by OG. During the weekend I dropped so many U's that at one point I got lazy and stopped screen shotting them. A lot of junk U's and not a lot worth mentioning. I have a few screen shots that I wanted to post but Og planet has been crashing a lot lately. Mostly due to power outages and BoxShark got on assuring us that they are doing their best to rectify the problem. RS is not the only one affected. It's all of their games that have been going down.

On a semi mixed feelings note: I found a Tartkraft ring on sell for 9,000,000 gold. The seller forgot to add one more 0. I bought that in a heart beat. The seller messaged me about the ring 20 minutes or so after purchase and he was really kind and cool about it. I offered to return the ring since I don't want to punish anyone for their mistakes. We all make mistakes and how we change or carry those lessons with us determines our character. I've had many failures in the past and many successes stemming from learning from them. At one point there was a player from a previous game that I used to play who was really cocky and said he never failed. I told him he could never fail with crayons. A person without failures is a person who has never tried or experienced sacrifice. Without my many humblings I could have ended up like him.

Once the servers are back in working order I'll attempt to contact the seller again.

 Also looking for Hollow Circles. Pwn showed me his Insta Death Prinny and I must say it was neat. I want to get 8 of those Hollow Circles and insta kill lots of mobs. Without a doubt it would be expensive but the journey to that goal is where the fun is at and not the destination.

Next post I'll just put up the screenies.

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