Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Recaps of Swept B13 and more screenies. :3

 This one I ended up getting from a chest while I was pleveling myself and Pwn. Pwn asked me how I had such good U luck. I didn't know how to respond. =p

 This fantastic beauty of an armor I dropped during Klien's bell. Thank you very much for the heads up Klien. Got to my spot and 10-30 minutes later I found my Serene. As you can see in my guild chat I went a little crazy. Almost like a Goofy laugh or an Ohohoho from crazy anime girls. Except less annoying and not as obnoxious. ^^;

This one Pwn asked how I did it. I told him the Ogres drop it at B13. He actually meant how I get all of these drops. Well... I still don't know. xD

The Safe Cage I get to play around with when I need avoidance. :3

There were also a whole bunch of other U's but they are not worth mentioning. Broke them for tantils and stone pieces. There is also the screenie of Troll Fleece Nx on one of my older posts. I also dropped Troll Fleece Nx from B13. So just a small recap of all the good items I have received from this floor. :3

Also a note about Rebirth rings: I am unaware if there is a quest that offers Rebirth rings. To my knowledge you can only receive them from Chrono Jewel Boxes. In case I confused any one with my posts. ^^

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