Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eating = Mind of Clarity :3

So yeah was just thinking about my grinding sessions. Hanging out with Pwn's Prinny Cerise and helping his other toons get Rsps while I grind. And of course getting power leveled myself from time to time thanks to Pwn. We have a sort of give and take type of set up. I don't want to be greedy and just be about me me me. I finish my Rsps really quick as long as I have something else keeping my mind busy like audio books or a show that I like to watch. Although all of the shows I like to watch or liked to watch have all finished and I have to wait for some new episodes. I finished my fave series Monk, Smallville. and some others that don't seem to come to mind right now.

As for my audio books I finished Ender's Game and decided to listen to Dune. I read it once before and wanted a recap since I never finished the whole series of the books. There is no audio book online for me to listen for the 2nd book. But, I did find a site where you could read from it for free which is So while I wait for my berry to gain % I'll be reading book 2 of the series and if I can find audio books on the others I'll grind while listening to my book.

Haha thinking about the times in the guild chat. Lots of laughs with Pimp Master BC and Gigolo Jiggs along with everyone in the guild joining us in our band wagon of song and dance. It's such a fun thing when you have people in the room with a good sense of humor. Keeping high spirits and always talking with who ever is online and if there is anything to talk about.

I have looked at RSH so many times that I already have a fix on what items I want for my Champ. So far for definite I want B-Sting, Serene, Statue Boots, Ring of Wish (Decisive %), and of course other items that would give Decisive %. Champs were built to Crit and I love seeing those crits. I eventually want to move away from Possession Puma and into Possession Snake for the shorter cool downs. Ever since I started grinding with my Champ I haven't felt the need to buy dark pets. I've been leveling fine and haven't let my Cp drop below a certain number. Of course PP has a lot of cp gain while I smack a creature while the others get close enough for Last Bullet. I always try to keep my Free buff active as well. It's all fluid motion now when I train my Champ and I have Free mentally timed so I know when to recast it. That small boost to Wise makes a huge difference in the exp gained. I find it worth keeping up.

So yeah after eating I was able to type up one more post. ^^


  1. Serene kinda fails tbh buns. Its higher lev equip and most high lev mobs are crit immune. Via is great since it will ignore mobs crit resistance, but serene doesnt.

    even with 33% crit on serene theres alot of mobs 5, 600+ your just not gonna see red numbers on. Had it for a long time on Pali, yet i seldom used it over safe cage.

    nice blog, but could use more screenies :)

  2. Oh I see. Ty Klien. ^^
    I dropped Safe Cage earlier today so I will be playing around with my equips. If anything I'll just stick to Possession Puma. =)