Monday, January 19, 2015


This is the 130 tset set bonus for those peeps who can't find it on any site.  It's the current set I am using and it has gotten me to 208. A little unfortunate that there is a huge gap between this set and your next set if you are a Spirit/Champ. The next tset is at 270 which I have with the help of iHeal, Pwn(Malignance), Persephone(Bc), Hades(Jiggs), Wabbajack, TheChampisHere, and some other peeps as well. I try to list everyone who has helped me get the tset pieces. Thank you everyone.

The rest of the tset pieces I gave away in town to people instead of selling it. Selling the tset pieces for absurd prices is disturbing in my opinion. I had a hard time trying to get the pieces and it was only because of the help of my friends that I got them in the first place. So I would much rather give other players a chance at completing their tsets and give them an easier time grinding by just giving them the pieces that I don't need like Squire/Warrior/Thief/Monk and of course sharing the extra Spirit & Champ pieces I get.

I also have rings with proper res thanks to Bomi who went hunting for rings. Pesky mobs won't be able to crit on me or use debuffs of any kind. Before I was using about 6 tset rings. No joke. But it all worked out.

Do I have Ew?
Nope. Everyone needs their ews and I'm only half way to my Ew 1. Been having trouble collecting the mystery stone pieces but I'll keep on going forward. The tset is falling apart on me though. 78 levels gained through this set is great but the lack of damage is starting to show. I don't mind when it takes two Last Bullets to finish a mob but when it takes three then I start to cringe a bit. At 208 and 62 more levels to go until the next tset means that my Last Bullets may need to be cast x3 to kill mobs as I keep trying to solo and possibly x4 which I hope I don't reach. Ew 2 Would have been great right about now but just gotta keep going with what you have.

Btw Peeps,
I've been grinding these levels without prem. I missed out on sphere due to Redstone acting up at the time and continually closing. It eventually got fixed but by that time the event was over. So I managed how ever I could. Joining pts, Soloing, Sds, and Gsds got me pretty far. I think I did pretty well getting to 208. :3

Hope you all have fun peeps and keep going forward. ^^

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