Monday, January 5, 2015

Fresh Start

Hi peeps I have been inactive for a very long time. I am back though in Nacriema server. Currently playing as Bonbons the Champ.

You will occasionally see me running all over the place and wondering what I'm doing constantly teleporting back and forth or just running through the fields... Well I have been questing.

I've always been the type to finish quests and I have all my quests finished from 1~100. Working on those that are over 100 now. Leaving no quest behind. That infinite Teleport to Brune compass was very helpful as well.

I'll still be following that pattern all the way to 200 since I;m not sure if you  have to pay gold to use the teleporter like you had to in Prandel. Getting those quests out of the way will still be great.

I will also be posting screenies of my quests and talking about them as well. As for which build I'm going for, I'll talk about that in detail later.

While talking about the builds were in theory back then, I already have a build set up from when the awakenings were posted on the RSH site. I'm going for Lastbullet Infinite Cp Killing Champ. Some of you have already seen LICK Champs in action.

LICK Champ would take probably more than level 300 to accomplish since it requires the Spirit awakening as well. But I already know the road I'm taking. Not too keen on Trinity Champ atm. But like I said I'll go in-depth about it later.

Why did I change the name from Buns to Bonbons?
Well I started thinking that I don't want new and old screenies to be confused. So on Nacriema I decided to go with Bonbons. I still have the name Buns reserved of course so no one else goes around claiming to be me. As well as having a fresh start with a new name to start this adventure.

The blog lay out may go through some changes but no idea when. As usual screenies of Unique drops will still be placed as well as quest ones.

Also joined the guild Vivid with my best buddies Bc, Jiggs, and Panda. Who all go by new names as well. Haven't seen Pwn around. If you're reading this we miss you Pwn. Hope you are doing well and Happy Holidays! ^^

Wanted to give a short update letting you all know that there is more to come. :3

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