Sunday, September 13, 2015

Paying attention to what you're buying is important.

So today I was buying a dark mini. I was excited thinking all right I get to complete my Bless 2.0. In a hurry buying the pet I didn't look at what I was buying.

I was buying it from a player named Hollister and he threw 200m for it. 200m for a perfect dark mini I thought sounds good. So I went through the transaction and finalized it. Completely my fault and I got upset and messaged him back. Of course he gave me the runaround on the pms and refused to give me back the gold for the imperfect dark pet.

Moral of the story, Don't be in such a hurry in buying something without checking it because there are players like Hollister who will cheat you and take advantage of you. Again peeps I am not afraid to admit that it was completely my fault in going through this transaction. But the least I could do for you is let you be aware of such players. I have my own ways of dealing with these peeps and that's just not to include them in pleveling pts and I know my friends would support me and do the same.


  1. It's only level 11, you can easily get it to 99% at level 30 or so. At 99% it's the same as a 100% so no worries.

  2. nub when you use those forced evolution thing (instant level 100 pet) it makes the pet become 100% whatever you want i had a junk pet with random stuff level 29 and made it full inorganic ^^

  3. Wait a minute, could you help me poiting where did Hollister deceived you? he said he'd sell the pet for 200m, it's your business to check if it's energy, inorganic, whateveric.... before accepting the god damm trade right? i'm a friend of him in game and i can tell you he's not a big fan of english.. He didn't mean to deceive you, he just has announced it and you bought it.. btw, as mentioned above, just use the flame stone or 5 mist stones to got your brand new level 100 full inorganic perfect'ish pet ;)