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Main Quest Titles Guide

 Ok peeps going to start from here because I forgot to get the screenie of when you select a title from Grates. But over all he gives you one title out of the two which you choose and can never reselect. It becomes permanent.

When you first meet Grates be careful of which title you select. Option One gives you 3 Power and then 3 Alacrity when you finish his task and finally 3 Health if you give Einer's Report to Mecaza.

But I selected Option Two which everyone in this game should and I will explain as I go along.
 ^ This title (Option Two) starts with 6 stats when you are given a title to choose from Grates. Then this title is upgraded to Lv4 which gives +6 Alacrity and +3 Health when you complete his task.
 Christy here gives you Einer's Report an item that stays in your inventory when you complete it to  100%. He tells you who is interested in the report like Brohm, Mecaza, and Keptice. But here is the catch. Main Quest progresses without you having to hand over Einer's Report to anyone until you reach Brohm or Grates once again in the main quest. So any player in the game assumes that you have to give it to Brohm when they reach him next because everyone wants to continue main quest.

And Main Quest does not emphasize enough that you have a choice on who you give it to.
 Here is Mecaza at 52,85 Arian.
 You offer to give him Einer's Report.
 Then he asks you if you are sure because he is one out of three possible npcs you could give it to.
 He upgrades the title to the screenie below.
Your title after all that is +6 Alacrity +6 Health.

Now we come to the next part as to why I wrote all this down and you see me running around with Freyja.

With Bonbons I selected Option One Title from Grates and gave Einer's Report to Brohm.
Which leaves me with the following titles at the end of Main Quest

Kromatic Guard Title Option One +3 Power +3 Alacrity
Godom Republic +7 Charisma.
3 + 3 + 7 = 13 Stats from these two titles

With Freyja I selected Option Two Title from Grates and gave Einer's Report to Mecaza.
Which leaves me with the following titles at the end of Main Quest

 Kromatic Guard Honor Member Title Option Two +6 Alacrity +6 Health
Godom Republic +4 Charisma
6 + 6 + 4 = 16 stats from these two titles

What about giving the report to Keptice? Never give it to Keptice. You lose out on 1~4 stats from Main Quest Titles if you give it to him.

Giving Einer's Report to either Brohm  or Mecaza will give +3 stats to their titles while giving it to Keptice gives +2 to the title he gives you.

So if you prefer more Charisma over Health then you could do Option Two with Grates and give Einer's report to Brohm which will give you the following
+6 Alacrity +3 Health +7 Charisma = 16 stats.

Why not Option One and always Option Two?

This is how... v vv

Option One Title is received and upgraded.
When you receive the title it's +3 Power. Finishing Grates task upgrades it to +3 Power +3 Alacrity.

Option Two Title is received and upgraded.
When you receive the title it's +6 Alacrity. Finishing Grates task upgrades it to +6 Alacrity +3 Health.

Giving Einer's Report to Mecaza or Brohm will give you +3 Health(M) or +3 Charisma(B) to their respective titles on level up.

Finally Brohm gives you Godom Republic Title which upgrades to +4 Charisma or +7 Charisma if you gave him Einer's Report.

Leaving you with either

Option One Title and variation upgrades
+3 +3 +3 +4 = 13 Stats
+3 +3 +7 = 13 Stats

Option Two Title and variation upgrades
+6 +6 +4 = 16 Stats
+6 +3 +7 = 16 Stats 

In Essence when doing Main Quest, You could either gain full stats or have a stat loss.

Option Two and giving Einer's Report to either Mecaza or Brohm will give you full stats (16)

Option One and giving Einer's Report to either Mecaza or Brohm 3 stat loss (13)

Option Two and giving Einer's Report to Keptice... 1 stat loss (15)

Option One and giving Einer's Report to Keptice... 4 stat loss (12)

When doing Main Quest, Grates likes you as number two and Keptice just hates you.

Q/ But Buns what about the other titles? You didn't include them. Wouldn't they make up the difference in the stat loss at the end of MQ? I'm sure those stats are moved else where in the other titles given?

A/ No. Sorry peeps but I didn't include the other titles received in Main Quest because they all add up the same at the end of MQ and thus depending on which title you directly chose such as Option One or Option Two from Grates as well as who you give/gave Einer's Report directly affects whether you have optimal stats or a loss compared to other players who did Main Quest.

The titles you directly affect by your choices are unbalanced stat wise. Which is why I made this mini guide concerning Main Quest Titles.

Q/ Could I do Heaven Rewards after Main Quest to upgrade Main Quest Titles to even them out?

A/ Sorry peeps you cannot upgrade Main Quest Titles via Heaven Rewards. Those Main Quest Titles and their levels are Permanent.

Ending Credits

You can all thank Pwn/Eris/A_Small_Girl/Cracked/Malignance for letting me know about my own stat loss and this guide since if it wasn't for him I would have never known and would have never done the research to write this guide to help you all avoid a stat loss from Main Quest. Hopefully this helps any current or future Character Classes who will be doing Main Quest.

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